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The Melfort and District Curling Club operates based on the following values and goals in order to serve our community.  


Providing access to the lifelong sport of curling and socialization for all.


Developing the best curling program and social experience in our community by providing well-maintained facilities and a welcoming atmosphere.


We value excellence, cooperation, equality and integrity. We provide an essential service to the communities we serve by ensuring quality of life and well-being of all our citizens.

- We encourage volunteerism
- We encourage sportsmanship
- We encourage positive social interaction in all aspects of the usage of our facility
- We will give back to the community that supports us

- We will be the best we can be in everything we do
- We will maximize the utility of the facility to generate revenue, while ensuring that we do not compromise our members, or the game of curling

- We will encourage and offer membership in the club to all; regardless of cultural background
- We will treat all curlers with equality and respect regardless of their abilities on and off the ice

- We will only host functions that will enhance the club's good reputation
- We will strive at all times to demonstrate the highest ethical manner in our business activities
- We will represent our club at all levels (local, provincial, national) with pride, professionalism, and integrity
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